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Cytology is a study of samples, exfoliated from the body or obtained by techniques such as aspiration that are cytologically analyzed to diagnose various diseases including cancers. Established in 1986, The Korean Society for Cytopathology consists of cytopathologists, and pathology residents in training courses and cytotechnologists working in technical cytopathology.

To serve this purpose, the Society holds regular meetings to promote academic exchanges and to provide constant learning opportunities for its members, while actively managing the organizational standard via periodic Quality Improvement Program. The Society also takes an important part in domestic projects aimed at conquering cancers.

The Society seeks best professional and academic efforts from all members in appreciation of its principles and active participation of members in provided events, with wishes for both individuals and the organization to achieve greatest advances.

May the best luck be with all members.

Thank you.

Soon Won Hong, M.D., Ph.D.
The Korean Society for Cytopathology
The Korean Society for Cytopathology
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