First published May 23 1986
1st Revision Jun 20 1992
2nd Revision Jun 26 1993
3rd Revision August 23 1996
4th Revision Jun 4 2005
5th Revision November 7 2009
6th Revision June 11 2011
7th Revision June 15 2013
8th Revision July 16 2015
9th Revision October 13 2017


Article 1 (Name) The organization herein is named as "The Korean Society for Cytopathology (hereinafter referred to as this society)

Article 2 (Objects)
1. This society promotes advancement of cytopathology and growing research and educational efforts in the field to thus facilitate academic exchanges among its members.
2. The main responsibility of this society involves training of doctors and technologists in diagonstic cytology and management tasks in relation.

Article 3 (Projects) This society hereby assumes the projects listed below to achieve the objectives.
1. Hosting of events including academic conferences, discussions, and lecture meetings
2. Publishing of journals and manuscripts that correspond to any or all objectives herein
3. Research projects for academic and public health advances
4. Education and management of society members to elevate member qualifications.5. Projects concerning the member rapport and rights
6. Cooperative projects with international organizations in the corresponding field(s)
7. Evaluative tasks regarding official recognition of qualifications of cytotechnologists and instructing cytopathologists (hereinafter referred to as fellow of the Korean Society for Cytopathology (FKSC))
8. Government projects related to cytological diagnosis
9. Other projects that concerns the objectives of this society

Article 4 (Office) The headquarter of this society is to be located in Seoul, while allowing branch offices in other regions.

The Korean Society for Cytopathology
#1508 Renaissancetower, 14, Mallijae-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04195, Korea
Tel : +82-2-593-6943 Fax : +82-2-593-6944,